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Grow Your Email Campaign NOW! #emailmarketing

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

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Holiday Marketing Prep

Hopefully, you’ve already started thinking about how you’re going to make this year’s holiday season worth celebrating. When it comes to your holiday marketing, there are several online marketing tools to help you reach existing customers and even find new ones. Leverage a variety of online marketing tools and channels that matter for your audience and your industry to have the most impact. 1. Create a great holiday offer. With so much competition from the “big guys” and other local businesses, coming up with a compelling offer could be the secret to this year’s success.

Tip: Leverage the channels that matter.

The holidays are a busy time for your customers. That’s why it’s important to use the right channels to get in front of the right people. Think about all of the ways people can find and communicate with you online. You want to be able to communicate with existing customers as well as potential new customers.. Think about optimizing your website, using email marketing, social media, and even online listing and review sites. You’ll want to think about your organic strategy as well as extending your reach with paid options like Google Search Ads and social media ads

Plan to stay connected:

Encourage new customers and prospects to join your email list before and during the holiday season so you can continue to influence them year-round.

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